Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Anyday now

If he's not here this week, I'll be induced on Monday the 8th. I get butterflies just thinking about it :) I'm honestly a nervous wreck, with so many questions! Like what is he going to look like? Will everything go smoothly?How terribly painful is giving birth going to be? lol
I'm also quiet full of mixed emotions, I'm torn between being happy and of course a little upset. I'm so happy for Candace, Brett and my little soybean (that's Sawyer's nickname:) ). I never thought that i could bring so much joy to 2 people. Sawyer will be the happiest little baby, which brings me the most happiness. I'm looking forward to seeing all of their reactions, when they finally meet for the first time. But, i sure am going to miss looking down an seeing him there, feeling those little kicks, an punches, rubbing my tummy an talking to him. This little guy has taught me so much, an he's not even born yet! He's taught me not to care what people think, he's made me mature quite a bit, made me care about my education an success. I'm so thankful he was brought to all of us, he's the most loved baby in the world :) Oh Sawyer, when will you bless us all with your presence? :)


  1. That is so funny you call him soybean. Brett saw that on the office the other day and his also given him the name soybean!!! LOL We are so excited too. I think it is going to be very bittersweet. He is the mosted wanted baby in the whole world. We have enjoyed this experience so much and we know it is all because of you two. You have nothing to worry about. This is only the beginning. We Love you and Jason : )

  2. Oh yea, I am also a nervous wreck with butterflies. I really think everything will be just fine. It has been so far : )

  3. Hi Lauren! you don't know me, but I'm a friend of Candace. I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with you and Jason! You two are very remarkable people. You are making such a good decision for Sawyer and I know that he will love you for that. I wish you and Jason so much joy in your journey of life. I know that what goes around comes around and you have sent MUCH good to go around! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

  4. thats an amazing sotry, and dont worry about labor pains and if things will go good, it all works out =) i have a 3 month old little girl and i was induced, it goes by so so fast, just relax, breath through the contractions and know it will eventually end, you dont hurt forver =) good luck and god bless you for such a inselfish thing you are doing

  5. Lauren and Jason,
    I am a friend of Candace and Brett's and my husband and I are also hoping to adopt. Reading your couple posts has totally made me fall in love with you both, and cry. You are amazing people, mature beyond your years, and among the most unselfish in the world. I'm sure you already know how much Candace and Brett love you guys, and how thankful they are for you. But I hope you know that there is a whole army of us grateful for your unselfish sacrifice, that love and respect you, and are praying for you. I pray you will be able to find peace and eventually joy in the healing process you will be going through. Thank you so much for hte gift you have given - I hope you will be able to comprehend the magnitude of it.
    Amanda Colby

  6. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you how adorable Sawyer is, you guys did good work!

  7. Lauren & Jason,

    What a blessing from Heavenly Father you are. Candace and Brett are so lucky to have found such wonderful people like you. What a strength and an example you are to us.

    I hope you know that you are a spirit child of Heavenly Father who loves you. He can see the sacrifice you are making in your life and you will be blessed for it. Thank you for giving Candace and Brett this life changing opportunity.

    With love,

    Cassie & John Ross
    (friends of the Frandsen's)