Sunday, March 21, 2010

Update. (sorry,it's short)

Woah, a lot has happened these past couple of months. Me and Jason, are no longer together. It was a mutual thing, and has been really good for the both of us. I've had a lot of time to focus on my needs..I've read articles and things from teens who chose adoption for their babies.. and most of them all have a point in time, where they just want to find themselves again. You go through sooo many changes while being pregnant, physically and emotionally, and going through that while your teenage body is still going through changes, is just insane! Then on top of that, your going through an adoption process..after having Sawyer, i felt like a completely different person. I had went through so many emotions that i had never experienced before, i learned a lot of things, and matured. I was a different Lauren, and i didn't really know her that well yet. That's what I've been doing lately..and I've never been happier. I give a lot of credit to my friends, they've really helped me figure a lot out. And stand by my decision 100%, having a whole group of people my age, who understand and who i can go to, has made everything so much easier. I recently saw Sawyer again, and he's doing sooo great. He's the happiest little baby I've seen! Always smiling, and "talking" :). I loved looking over at Brett and Candace, and seeing them just looking at Sawyer with so much love.. that's one of the best feelings, little things like that make me so grateful that we found them :)