Friday, October 30, 2009

Sawyer Jonus

This is Sawyer Jonus Frandsen :)

I never knew a love like this, until you came to me. That day i found out that you where growing in my belly, i never once thought of you as a mistake...but a surprise. I knew you where something special, and me an your daddy knew we had to figure out a plan for you...some people say that we're "giving him away", or "giving him up", but we're not. We're making a plan for him, we've chosen an AMAZING couple to be his parents. We know they will give him the world, give him everything we can't. Some tell me, "all a baby needs is love". No, that's not true...Yes, a baby needs love, And of course me an Jason love him with all our heart an soul...but we can't provide him with the things he needs, an the things we want to give him. Of course i wish things where different, but the truth is our little Sawyer didn't ask to be here, an this is the best we can do for him. I cherish every kick, punch, an roll he makes. And can't wait for the day that i hear that beautiful scream, as he comes into the world, to see his perfect little face, hold his fragile little body, an caress his little button nose :)...Saying good-bye to him is going to hurt...but we're putting our feelings aside, to give him the best life he can possibly have. The heart ache will eventually go away an things will get better, besides it's not good bye forever :) We are at peace with our decision