Saturday, July 10, 2010


Q:Do you want to have children in the future? Do you have any guilt for not being able to raise Sawyer yourself?
A:Yes, i absolutely want to have children of my own one day! An i definitely have no guilt, when i decided adoption was the way for Sawyer, i accepted my limitations as a parent, an did what i thought would be the best thing for him.

Q:Is it hard to hear Candace call herself mom?
A:Not at all..But the first week after placing Sawyer with his mommy an daddy, was pretty difficult..just watching videos an seeing pictures of them being a little family was a little hard, but it also felt good to see all of them so happy, an Sawyer being so loved.

Q:Do you think you will keep in touch with Sawyer his whole life?
A: Yes, i do...We share a very open i look forward to the day that little Soybean comes to me, an asks me questions about his birth family.

Q:How do you feel about Sawyer being a big brother one day?
A: I love the idea of Sawyer being a big brother one day! I'm confident that he'll be a great one ;)

Q:Is the way Candace raises Sawyer the way you would raise him?
A: When me an Jason met Candace an Brett, we were so surprised to find that they were exactly what we wanted in a family for Sawyer, i smile when i hear about all the adventures he's been on an all the silly little things he does. He is taken care of exactly the way i hoped he would be.

Q:Do you wish you could go back an do it all differently?
A: Not at all, the way everything happened, was almost like that was the way it was supposed to be.

Q:When you start your own family will you allow Sawyer to be involved with your
other children?
A: I would love Sawyer to know his future brother/sister (s), how we introduce them to each other, will definitely be something we figure out when the time comes.

Q:How did your friends an family react when you told them you were pregnant?
A: Two words..utterly shocked.

Q:How to you feel about the reality TV show "Teen Mom"?
A: I loooove Teen Mom! I think it shows a great example of teen pregnancy, it really shows the up's an down's of having a baby, an how hard it is being a teen parent.

Q:When you have kids of your own, do you think you'll feel guilty that your kids will get to know you differently, an be raised by you an with you, an Sawyer didn't?
A: That's something I've often thought about, an hope to talk about that with other birth mom's who have children of their own.

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