Friday, November 13, 2009

Our little angel

He's finally here!
Sawyer Jonus Frandsen, was born November, 9, 2009, weighing 7 pounds, an measuring 20 1/4 inches long.He was exactly what i imagined, absolutely perfect. Me an Jason had a few days with Sawyer in the hospital...those where honestly the best days of our lives, I've have never felt a love so strong for someone! He put plenty of smiles on people's faces. It brought me an Jason great comfort, seeing the love in Brett an Candace's eyes when they held him. Saying good-bye to Sawyer was difficult, but i continued to remind myself all the great things that where in store for him. Me an Jason are very content with our decision for Sawyer. Me an Jason knew if we where to keep him that Sawyer would be constantly babysat, because of us always working, all three of us would struggle...We never wanted Sawyer to ever want, or feel like a burden..we know with Brett an Candace that he will never have to deal with any of those things. Sawyer, although is only a few days old, has taught so many people so much, he's brought people closer together, an has definitely made plenty of people very very happy. He is for sure an amazing little boy, i cannot put the love i have for him into words.

While i was in the hospital, Candace gave me a little journal to write in, I've chosen to make a journal for Sawyer, I'm going to fill it up with my thoughts, an someday give it to him when he's's what a wrote my first night with him in the hospital:
Dear Soybean,
I have never had such an extreme feeling of being proud, until you came out into the world and i saw how perfect you where, i couldn't believe how much i loved you, i've never felt this way about anyone or anything, you are my pride an joy. I want to protect you with everything i have an make you feel better with every whimper you make. You are exactly what i imagined! I will never regret the decision we made for you. But i cannot help but miss you, we haven't said good-bye to you yet, but i know this will be terribly hard for me, because even when you have to go to the nursery for check-up's, i miss you every second your gone. I love you Sawyer, more then you could ever wrap your cute little mind around---
Sawyer my love, there will never be a day that i don't think about you...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Anyday now

If he's not here this week, I'll be induced on Monday the 8th. I get butterflies just thinking about it :) I'm honestly a nervous wreck, with so many questions! Like what is he going to look like? Will everything go smoothly?How terribly painful is giving birth going to be? lol
I'm also quiet full of mixed emotions, I'm torn between being happy and of course a little upset. I'm so happy for Candace, Brett and my little soybean (that's Sawyer's nickname:) ). I never thought that i could bring so much joy to 2 people. Sawyer will be the happiest little baby, which brings me the most happiness. I'm looking forward to seeing all of their reactions, when they finally meet for the first time. But, i sure am going to miss looking down an seeing him there, feeling those little kicks, an punches, rubbing my tummy an talking to him. This little guy has taught me so much, an he's not even born yet! He's taught me not to care what people think, he's made me mature quite a bit, made me care about my education an success. I'm so thankful he was brought to all of us, he's the most loved baby in the world :) Oh Sawyer, when will you bless us all with your presence? :)